In May 2017, the NRCA Board of Directors and staff met to set out our Strategic Plan to 2020.

Goal 1 - Support Our Members to Succeed

  • To clearly define, demonstrate and communicate the value of belonging NRCA.
  • Secure and expand our membership base, by making a solid case for the benefits of belonging to NRCA.
  • Focus on strengths and successes in our communications and advocacy with members.
  • Help members succeed through offering strong programs and expand the options to new geographic areas.

Goal 2 - Reach Out and Grow

  • To positively position NRCA through enhancing our marketing and stakeholder engagement work.
  • Improve communications to members and prospective members.
  • Develop and implement a stakeholder engagement strategy.
  • Strengthen collaboration with community, BCCA and regional partners.

Goal 3 - Our People

  • To foster an effective and ongoing, board and support a vibrant, successful staff team.
  • Build and maintain a workplace that encourages personal and professional development.
  • Respect and acknowledge board members for their volunteer work and commitment to NRCA.
  • Ensure board members have the tools and knowledge they need to perform well.

Goal 4 - Financial Sustainability

  • To have multi-year financial plans in place, in order to maintain and grow our work.

Goal 5 - Giving Back to the Community

  • To expand our fundraising efforts and make a positive impact on our communities and members.
  • Contribute in kind to building projects that benefit our communities.
  • Expand the Heavy Metal Rocks (HMR) program in the northern region.