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Altus Geomatics Land Surveying BC Ltd.

Business Type: Professional
Offering a full range of surveying services from extensive mapping services to site surveys, our diverse professional team is ready to assist in completing your project with efficiency and accuracy.

1. Construction

From single sites, to large utility corridors and mainline projects, our Geomatics team leverages their professional expertise with leading technology to offer effective survey procedures and processes to manage the entire construction cycle – from initial plan to completion.

• Industrial Surveys • Civil Construction Surveys • Mechanical Surveys • Topographic Surveys • Site As-Built Surveys • QA/QC Surveys • UAV, 3D Laser Scanning and 3D Modelling • 3D Machine Control Systems

2. Infrastructure and Electrical Power

Our highly-skilled and experienced Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, and Geomatics Technologists use the latest electronic technologies to provide comprehensive construction, engineering, and cadastral survey services to major infrastructure companies. From the planning, design, layout, and construction of power generation, transmission, substation, and distribution facilities to pipeline planning through to design, construction and creation of as-built drawings, Altus Geomatics’ integrated processes validate, check and verify information from the field. We deliver quality products; providing you with a trustworthy database for your pipeline integrity management.

• Underground and Overhead Distribution • Transmission Line Terrain Surveys • Centerline Establishment and Staking • Centerline and Offset Profiling • Preliminary Engineering Design and Staking • Structure Staking Surveys • Planning and Mapping • Legal Right-of-Way and Construction Plans • Line Locates and Surveys • Facility As-Builts • Weld Mapping • Pipeline Integrity

3. Mapping

Ensure that your assets are managed safely and that risks are mitigated.Employ comprehensive mapping services and pre-planning for all pipeline projects and drilling programs using aerial photography, LiDAR, and proprietary data sources. These mapping services are critical to help ensure that projects are managed safely and risks are mitigated across the oil and gas, oil sands, forestry, seismic, mining and transportation industries. We are able to combine mapping and imagery data insights to help drive planning, and improved emergency responses that help promote safety across industries and projects.

4. GIS

Perform special data analysis, and prepare custom maps using data stored locally or hosted by Altus. Employ our professionals for spatial database administration, server administration, application programming, cartography, quality assurance, and end users support on projects of any scale to visualize, analyze, and optimise your assets. Our professionals are experts in:

• Web and mobile GIS solutions. • Spatial database design and implementation. • Spatial data migration and conversion – through custom tools or SAFE FME Software®

5. Greenhouse Gas Monitoring

Measure concentration of several gases to ppb or ppm, and isotopes, from a vehicle

• All data collected at one second intervals. • All gas data is tied to a GPS location during processing • Uses multi-gas analyzers

Detect plumes via discrimination from natural concentrations

• Natural source plumes can be identified at a deviation of only a few parts per billion; nearly 10x smaller than anyone else can identify with certainty • Smaller leaks can be identified, and from a much greater distance (km vs. m)

Attribute a leak or plume to specific sources

• Use an “excess ratio fingerprint”, the team is able to distinguish whether the leak is from combustion, versus distribution line gases, versus natural wetland methane, for example, and map each separately or in layers • Use of secondary tracer gases such as ethane or isotopic CH4 to distinguish between biogenic and thermogenic sources

Detect leaks in real time

• Provenance of the plume can be identified both while driving and to a greater resolution during post-processing

Contact Information

Primary Contact: Chris Sakundiak
Phone Number: 250-663-0131
Alternative Phone Number: 250-663-0130
Fax: 250-663-0135

Industry Information

Business Type: Professional
Sub-Categories: Surveyor


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