Please feel free to contact our office at (250) 563-1744 if you are unable to find the answers you are looking for.


Q: How do I become a NRCA member? A: Becoming a member of NRCA is easy! Fill out an online Membership Application or contact the Membership Coordinator via email or (250) 563-1744.

Q: Who can join NRCA? A: We have membership categories for General Contractors, Trade Contractors, Manufacturers & Suppliers, and Associates & Professionals.

Q: How can I find out who is a member of NRCA? A: Click HERE to go to the Membership Directory portion of our website where you can search all members of NRCA.

Q: What are the benefits of membership? A: There are many benefits to being a NRCA member. Please click HERE to learn more about what NRCA can do for you.

Q: How can I save money with NRCA? A: NRCA members are eligable to receive several discounts. Please click HERE to view our discounts and services.

Q: Can I advertise through NRCA as a non-member? A: Yes, non-member prices will apply.

Q: Do I qualify to be an Affinity Partner? A: To discuss becoming an Affinity Partner please contact the Membership Coordinator via email or (250) 563-1744

Q: Can an individual join NRCA? A: No, at this time only companies can be NRCA members.


Q: What is BidCentral? A: BidCentral is a suite of web based products and services for the complete construction bidding process. Rooted in industry standards and expertise, it boasts an array of tools and features that help owners, consultants, contractors, and suppliers save time and money and reduce risks during the bidding and construction processes. Interested bidders can track project opportunities and documents, view, download, print or order plans, specs, and addenda, and do on screen take offs 24/7.  Owners and consultants can benefit from enhanced control and an audit trail.

Q: How can I access BidCentral? A: All NRCA members get full access to BidCentral. By becoming a member you will get access to BidCentral and be able to search for construction projects thoughout BC. If your company is already a member of NRCA, have them add you as an employee.

Q: Can I purchase contract documents through NRCA? A: Yes you can. You can place your order online through our "Store" link above, or contact the NRCA office.

Q: Where do I find information on CCA & CCDC documents? A: You can access further information from either the CCA website, click HERE or the CCDC website, click HERE.

Q: Does NRCA offer commissioning? A: NRCA offers free commissioning to members and non-members.


Q: How can I view the upcoming education courses? A: The education calendar can be found under the Education Tab. To view the calendar for upcoming education courses please click HERE.

Q: What education courses are offered to non-members? A: All education courses are offered to non-members. Course fees are based on a member and a non-member rate.

Q: What is Gold Seal Certification? A:  Gold Seal is a national certification program for Project Managers, Superintendents, Estimators, Construction Safety Coordinators or Owners' Project Managers which signifies that they have attained a nationally recongized level of experience and competence.

Q: How can I become Gold Seal Certified? A: Complete and submit an application form to the local construction association.  Application Information

Q: What scholarships does NRCA offer? A: NRCA awards 10 scholarships annually. To view avaliable NRCA scholarships please click HERE.


Q: How can I view upcoming meetings & events? A: To view upcoming meetings & events please click HERE.

Q: Can a non-member attend meetings? A: Meetings are restricted to members. For more information about becoming a NRCA member please click HERE.

Q: Can a non-member attend events? A: Non-members can attend events if invited by a NRCA member.

Q: How can I sponsor an event? A: Please contact the Education Coordinator via email, or (250) 563-1744 for more information about sponsoring an event.

Q: How can I volunteer with NRCA? A: To volunteer with NRCA please contact either our Education Coordinator via email. Or our CEO, Scott Bone, email or phone the office at (250) 563-1744.


Q: How can I get set up with member discounts? A: Please contact the Membership Coordinator via email or (250) 563-1744.

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Q: How many members does NRCA have? A: NRCA has over 200 members from across Northern British Columbia.