STEP is a no-fee employment program that works to match potential workers with employers.

STEP assists eligible people by presenting them with opportunities for training and employment.

STEP continues to work with new employees and employers to ensure a good employment fit.

Step logoThe Skilled Trades Employment Program is an initiative launched in the Spring of 2006 in partnership with BCCA. The first two programs involved the recruiting and placing of skilled or semi-skilled foreign or landed immigrant workers with member employers. The program has continued to grow, creating additional initiatives such as STEP for Women and ASTEP for aboriginal workers following the original model.

The primary objective is to alleviate the intensifying labour market pressures experienced throughout BC. The distinguishing feature of STEP is that it is an industry driven and managed program offering construction experienced job coaches. Their experience and knowledge has proven to be invaluable in the initial success of these programs.

The current STEP program is geared towards helping employers in BC get the skilled workers they need by matching them up with people who have some experience or who want to start a career in the trades. Furthermore, this initiative can provide people with the training necessary to start out in the industry, so that employers can get employees who are ready for the job.

STEP is a program developed by the BC Construction Association and currently is supported by Labour Market Agreement funding through the Ministry of Small Business & Technology and the Industry Training Authority. This program is targeted towards people who are non-EI clients or employed in a low skilled position and lack certification, a high school diploma, or essential skills. Please contact the Trades Employment Specialist in your area and ask about your eligibility for the program.

How Does STEP Work?

People who have experience or interest in the trades will be matched to employers who need workers and/or apprentices.

Trades Employment Specialists will assess a person’s employment potential, suggest training options, coordinate work placements that match skills and experience, and provide ongoing support for both workers and employers.

What Are The Benefits?

Trades Employment Specialists are qualified trades people who understand the trades and know what it takes to enter a career in the trades and stay with it. They will be a constant link to ensure that the needs of both the employer and the employee are met. Individuals will receive career counseling with the added value of being assisted by an individual well versed in the trades environment.

For further information, please contact:

Phone: (250) 614-8903 Email:

Located at: British Columbia Construction Association-North, 3851 18th Avenue Prince George, BC V2N 1B1

Or visit the STEP website: