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Culture Training for Construction Leaders - Prince George

Single-day Course
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    City: Prince George

    Ready to improve company safety, productivity and reputation?

    Start with a culture check-up.

    Introducing Builders Code Training for Owners, Execs, and HR Managers.

    (One Day Classroom Training)


    Shaping positive worksite behaviour – your own and the behaviour of others – is one of the most important and powerful responsibilities of leadership.  An inclusive company culture translates to better productivity and safety outcomes, and can help attract and retain the best workers.

    Employers often underestimate the financial impacts of hazing, harassment, and bullying on the worksite.  These negative behaviours cause stress and distraction in the crew that can lead to turnover, lost time to accidents, injury-related health care costs, legal actions, rehiring costs, and unproductivity.

    Builders Code training will show company leaders practical ways to build a positive site culture and ensure everyone on the worksite is safe and protected, working to their full potential.

    Visibly prioritizing a modern culture that values diversity in its workforce is also a powerful competitive advantage, especially during this time of low unemployment and intense competition for skilled tradespeople.  The Builders Code offers a suite of assets that can help you to market your business to a modern, diverse workforce and client base.

    This is a one-day workshop where participants explore issues such as: the nature and impact of unacceptable worksite conduct; how to enable and encourage an acceptable worksite culture; the tools that can be used to build that culture; and the benefits of doing so.

    The sessions will focus on the role and responsibility of corporate leaders and HR managers. Companies whose management completes the training can use their Builders Code training certification to promote their company and culture to potential employees, as well as clients. 

    Curriculum Overview:

    • Defining an Acceptable Worksite Culture

    • The Benefits of an Acceptable Worksite Culture

    • The Nature and Impact of Unacceptable Worksite Culture

    • Key Barriers to Acceptable Worksite Cultures and Conduct

    • Tools for Building Acceptable Worksite Cultures

    • Planning for Success


    Objectives of the training:

    • Build an understanding of the positive outcomes of retention, safety, risk reduction, and productivity that is achieved through implementing the Builders Code approach and creating an Acceptable Worksite culture.

    • Build awareness across the construction workforce to lead the evolution of the worksite culture to one that is free from unacceptable conduct (hazing, harassment, bullying, and discrimination) to one that is welcoming, supportive, and productive for all workers.

    •  Facilitate the “unlearning” of attitudinal biases, stereotypes, and inequitable or hostile conduct and practices that create barriers for the success and wellbeing of all workers and companies in the construction trades.

    •  Develop the specific knowledge and skills across the workforce for all workers to confidently and effectively identify and address incidents of bias, exclusion, harassment, hazing, and bullying on the work site.

    • Motivate all employees to accept their role and responsibility for maintaining a healthy worksite culture, and inspire those persons who could be site role models or leads to support colleagues from other demographic groups, as well as to monitor and hold others accountable for behaviour that is not acceptable.

    Cost: No cost during the pilot phase. Seats limited.

    *Breakfast will be served at 7:30 am

    *Presentations will start at 8:00 am

    Course Instructor Information

    Diane Bourret, Builders Code Trainer

    As a human resources professional, certified professional coach, and training facilitator of over 20 years, Diane brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Builders Code training program. After starting her career in BC’s forest industry with Canfor, Diane was a Supervisor in Human Resources with the City of Prince George for more than a decade. In that role she was responsible for recruitment and employee evaluation as well as developing and facilitating training programs focused on team effectiveness and transformation leadership. Diane is currently working as a consultant and is passionate about helping others reach the goals they set for themselves. Her ability to empower teams to make positive changes allows both individuals and organizations to maximize their full potential.


    “I believe that every person is entitled to live a happy and prosperous life. My approach is built upon my core belief that fulfillment comes when we have the opportunity to achieve our full potential.”



    • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) with the Coaches Training Institute
    • Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with International Coach Federation
    • Insights Program – Insights Learning and Development Ltd – Accredited Facilitator
    • Business Administration – College of New Caledonia
    • Management Studies Program – College of New Caledonia
    • Managing Employees in a Unionized Environment – CPMS
    • “Grow From Within” Management Leadership Program – How to Communicate and Persuade Others Effectively; How to be Innovative at Work; Communication & Conflict Skills; Due Diligence for Supervisors; Coaching for Top Performers; Project Management  Fundamentals; Supervising in a Unionized Environment; Worksite Safety Inspections; Delegating for Results; The Art of Working Together.
    • CUPE Job Evaluation Training – CUPE BC
    • Emergency Service Support – Emergency Management BC – Justice Institute (2009 to Present)
    • Negotiation & Grievance Handling – Sauder School of Business – UBC
    • Short courses/workshops: Disability Management, Conflict Resolution, Harassment Prevention, Behavioural Interviewing; Duty to Accommodate; Supervising in a Drug-Free Workplace, Respect in the Workplace; Customer Service, and Employment Standards Act.



    • Individual Workplace Diversity Award – presented by the People in Place Committee
    • HRMA Award of Excellence (Innovation) – Living and Working Committee
    Course Contact Information


    Maria O'Neill-Plouffe

    Manager, Education and Events Services