We're excited to announce the launch of BCCSA's SiteReadyBC Program!

This brand-new introductory construction safety training course replaces the popular Construction Safety Training System (CSTS-09) previously offered, which close to 75,000 BC construction workers have completed.

For many BC employers, a SiteReadyBC certificate will become mandatory for all new employees upon first entering a construction site. 

Successful students will receive certificates to both the SiteReadyBC program and WHMIS-2015.

The program will focus on BC safety regulations but is being built so it can be adapted for use across Canada. 

SiteReadyBC is an online, interactive general orientation program that course participants will be able to complete in six to eight hours. The cost is the same as CSTS-09 — $65 + tax. 

NRCA is pleased to partner with the BCCSA in offering this training. If you have any questions, please email NRCA at office@nrca.ca.